How does Kevin Durant feel about Under Armour? He was almost wooed away from Nike to sign with the Baltimore-based brand in 2014, but doesn't have anything positive to say about it now. In a conversation with Bill Simmons on his The Ringer podcast, KD was blunt.

"Nobody wants to play in Under Armours, I'm sorry," he says. "The top kids don't, 'cause they all play Nike."

Durant was explaining why he thinks the University of Maryland, which is sponsored by Under Armour, is unable to better recruit top high school athletes.

Simmons followed up by asking if Durant had discussed his Under Armour thoughts with Steph Curry. Durant said he hasn't, but that "everybody knows" that's why so many young players leave the DMV area.

Durant has dissed Curry's sneakers before, joining the chorus making fun of the "Chef Curry" pair that went viral.

Listen to the full podcast below and skip to around the 36-minute mark to hear the sneaker talk.