While sneaker consignment stores are a fine place to turn coveted footwear into cash, the biggest names in the business usually only deal in brand new shoes. That is the case no longer for New York City's Flight Club, which announced via email on Wednesday that it will accept used pairs.

Flight Club accepted used sneakers for consignment when it first opened 12 years ago, but hasn't done so for some time now.

For now, Flight Club's used consignment program is only available to select sellers that the store contacted via email. Based on that message, the process sounds the same as the regular one for consigning shoes at the store, except that mail-ins aren't currently accepted and sellers must drop off their shoes in person. Also, Flight Club's announcement says that used pairs should be "like new" or "lightly worn."

While Flight Club has long been the gold standard for sneaker consignment shops, it's been challenged recently by similar store Stadium Goods, which opened in 2015 and has quickly become a destination for high-end sneaker sellers and buyers.