It looks like the upcoming NBA 2K18 may be missing one of the most important new sneakers out this year. In screenshots of the game that hit Twitter this week, Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball is seen wearing a pair of Nike Kobe A.D.s instead of his own Big Baller Brand signature shoes.

This early look at the game is not necessarily confirmation that the Big Baller Brand Z02 won't be in the game though, and it's possible it will hit sometime in the future as a piece of downloadable content.

Sneakers aside, Ball's digital form is pretty accurate, with the hair in particular being expertly crafted.

Ball's father, LaVar, could not be reached for comment on the possibility of his son's sneakers not making it into the game.

NBA 2K18 is set to release on Sept. 19.

UPDATE 8/11: The official NBA 2K Twitter account has confirmed that Ball's sneakers will be available in the coming game. There are still no images of the digital version of his shoes.

Lonzo Ball NBA 2K18 Nikes
Image via @Steve_OS on Twitter