Adidas has been known to bring back sold-out sneakers again and again, transitioning tough-to-buy releases into more pedestrian offerings in the process. What is the philosophy behind this approach? The brand's VP of influencer marketing and Yeezy whisperer, Jon Wexler, explained in a roundtable discussion hosted by StockX.

"The word restock has come into this sort of as a negative connotation," Wexler said. "We never put out the level of that first burst that our competition has put out to create that sort of cycle. We have the ability to keep going back."

Simply put, if the brand doesn't feel it has maximized on a sneaker with the first round of releases, it will bring more to market.

Wexler went on to say that Adidas is still trying to gauge which products will never be restocked and which will slowly become more accessible. While he says there are certain shoes that will never restock, the brand has brought back a number of limited Yeezy shoes in 2017, a strategy that's had a marked effect on their resell prices.

Popular Adidas sneakers like the Ultra Boosts and the NMDs have been very likely to restock, with popular colorways almost always returning to stores.