Converse recently delighted sneakerheads everywhere when it dropped a re-release of one of its most iconic kicks of the 1980s: the Fastbreak. To celebrate the occasion, and to help introduce a whole new generation of fashion forward fans to why Fastbreak’s story is so meaningful, Converse enlisted the help of the guys from PAQ, a new online show that is devoted to all things streetwear.

Converse’s request was simple. They asked PAQ hosts Danny, Dexter, Shaquille and Elias to deliver a spot that was inspired by the 1980s and which paid homage to Fastbreak’s basketball roots. They had clearly come to the right place, as these four guys are at the forefront of the streetwear game, possessing a reverence for the influential styles of the past, but also a trailblazing sensibility that is changing where streetwear is headed. The PAQ crew, like the Fastbreak itself, is all about disruption.

After landing the perfect 80s gear to wear and the perfect 80s vintage cars to drive, the guys embarked on their big shoot. Needless to say, they succeeded admirably, as the resulting spot is a stylish and funny tribute to not only the oversized and colorful streetwear of the 1980s, but to all the excess and decadence the decade made famous as well. From speeding sports cars to champagne on private jets, the video brought the spirit of the 80s back to life in epic style. And at the center of it all was the Converse Fastbreak, with its durable rubber sole, Lunarion insole, and sleek leather and nylon construction that gives it an upscale look. It may have been born in the 80s, but it’s ultimately timeless.

You can get a look at all the behind-the-scenes action of PAQ’s custom Converse Fastbreak spot by watching the video above. Be sure to watch to the end in order to catch PAQ’s 1980s Fastbreak spot! Once you’ve watched, head on over to to get yourself a pair of your own!