Initially unveiled late last month, Mark Wahlberg's 1-of-1 Air Jordan 5 celebrates his role as the star of the Transformers movie franchise. While the exclusive sneakers generated a lot of buzz online, it turns out they were actually a bit of a "letdown" in comparison to Wahlberg'sĀ original vision for the project.

In an interview shared on, Wahlberg reveals that he had hopes for an Air Jordan 4 that somehow transformed into an Air Jordan 5.

What was it about the AJ 5 that made it the perfect shoe for a Transformer?

The AJ 5 was the perfect fit because in my opinion, the AJ 5 has a futuristic look to it. It kinda looks like a shoe that can transform.

Can you tell us about the process for choosing the 5 and designing the shoe?

We sat down at the Jordan Brand Headquarters and talked to the guys out there. We wanted to make something special.

Originally wanted to make a shoe that could possibly transform. The thought of having an AJ 4 that could possibly transform into an AJ5 had me sold.

Lofty ambitions for sure, but at a time when auto-lacing and 4D printing are being implemented into sneaker design, it's probably not as far-fetched as it sounds.

Mark Wahlberg Transformers Air Jordan 5