Another account has emerged of a FedEx driver supposedly stealing coveted Adidas sneakers during a delivery. According to the Reddit user behind the clip above, his pair of "Zebra" Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2s was marked as delivered on June 28, but never arrived on his doorstep.

In a Reddit post explaining the video, user lordhavepercy alleges that the driver pulls his box from the back of the FedEx truck and scans it as delivered. The video appears to corroborate this story—at the very least, the driver definitely doesn't make any attempt to deliver a package while parked. At the end of the clip, someone emerges from the house and appears to be checking for a delivery.

The user says that he's filed a complaint with FedEx in Natick, Massachusetts, where the package was to be delivered, but that a manager said, "It would be out of the driver's character to steal."

The user says that he's also filed a dispute with PayPal and Adidas over the issue, although little help has arrived from either.

A similar horror story emerged on Reddit last week when a poster described chasing down a FedEx driver that they suspected was trying to steal their Yeezys.

In the wake of these stories, complaints have emerged about Adidas' shipping practices, which it easy to determine what sneakers are in any given package. Orders purchased from have the style number of the product inside the package displayed on the outside of the box, meaning that a quick Google search could reveal the contents of any given delivery.

Resell prices on the Adidas Yeezy Boost line of sneakers from Kanye West and Adidas have historically been high—the "Zebra" pair sold for over $1,000 at one point—making the shoes temping targets for this sort of theft.