Snupps is an app / website for collectors to discover, organize and share items with others who have similar interests. Think Pinterest, but more focused on collecting and with the ability to interact with unique subgroups.

Snupps users "display" their items on virtual shelves, which can be filtered by interests such as men's style, toys, watches, sports memorabilia and, of course, sneakers. To date, Snupps says that more than 350,000 sneaker enthusiasts are using the platform, with more than 2 million pairs of sneakers added.

One of Snupps' biggest moves to date was announcing a partnership with eBay earlier this year. In working with the auction powerhouse, Snupps provides a direct-to-eBay upload feature, allowing users to list and buy from eBay straight from the app. With this feature, a user can list an item to sell in less than a minute.

This simple selling tool will make things easier for sneaker resellers, who have used resources like eBay to turn reselling into a billion dollar market. That market is fueled by hyped up sneakers like Air Jordans and Adidas Yeezys, the two styles currently coveted most by sneakerheads. To see how the Jumpman vs. Yeezy debate is shaping up on Snupps, they've provided an infographic of comparative data, giving you an idea of which shoes will give you the most bang for your buck.

Visit or download Snupps on iTunes to showcase and sell your collection.