Amid constant leaks of new Air VaporMax styles, Nike has officially unveiled a handful of soon-to-release pairs of the sneaker. Gathered here are six new colorways, most of which have been previewed already in some shape or form.

Releasing first in the group are the "Desert Moss" and "Tea Berry" pairs that will arrive on June 29. After that, Nike will launch the "Chrome Blush" and "City Tribes" versions on July 7.

Also in this set of six are the "Explorer Light" and "Explorer Dark" colorways that tie Nike's pursuit of innovation to exploration in the deep seas and outer space via references to diving helmets, astronaut gear, and distant planets. Nike has not provided sneaker release date info for these two pairs.

Nike VaporMax Explorer Dark
Nike Air VaporMax "Explorer Dark," image via Nike
Nike VaporMax Desert Moss
Nike Air VaporMax "Desert Moss," image via Nike
Nike VaporMax Tea Berry
Nike Air VaporMax "Tea Berry," image via Nike
Nike VaporMax Chrome Blush
Nike Air VaporMax "Chrome Blush," image via Nike
Nike VaporMax City Tribes
Nike Air VaporMax "City Tribes," image via Nike