Is there anyone in the sneaker industry right now that's more entertaining than LaVar Ball? The man's claims may not be totally grounded in reality a good percentage of the time, but that's part of what makes listening to him so much fun. Take, for example, his assertion in the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping that Big Baller Brand's $220 slides are absolutely appropriate for playing basketball.

"If I felt like playing some ball, these are no-slip grip," Ball explains. "Look at this bottom. You can ball in these!"

Or, enjoy his revelation about the design process around son Lonzo Ball's first signature shoe.

"Everything on that shoe, Lonzo created," LaVar says. "With no team—just the creativity of a 19-year-old that knows what he likes." Lonzo confirms this, saying that he designed the shoe himself in three or four hours.

Watch the video above for more background on the past, present, and future of Big Baller Brand.