What game-worn Air Jordans mean to the average collector is probably what this used sneaker means to your little sister.

When wrapping up his show in Frankfurt, Germany on Sunday, pop star Justin Bieber took off his "Cream" Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 sneakers and tossed them into a crowd full of screaming Beliebers. One of the pair's lucky recipients, owner of the right shoe, is now looking to cash in. The shoe, a size 8 1/2, is now listed on eBay with a starting bid of 5,000 euros, about $5,700 U.S. dollars. Facing some backlash for selling the shoe, the eBay user offered an explanation.

"Through all the media attention, people keep asking why we are selling the shoe. We do like Justin and his music, but there are people dying to have this shoe and we are just no huge Beliebers, so it wouldn't be fair to keep it. Also, part of the profit will be DONATED to a local charity if we sell the shoe."

Those curious about the whereabouts of the left Bieber Yeezy will be pleased to know that it apparently has its own Instagram account, theleftyeezy.

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Image via eBay

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