Japanese brand Hender Scheme, which has gained notoriety in recent years by recreating iconic sneakers in veg-tan leather and selling them for way more than the originals, just leveled up. It appears that it's got a proper collaboration in the works with Adidas, a company whose styles it's aped in the past.

This meta partnership uses the Adidas Micropacer—a shoe that Hender Scheme already ​remade—for its base, that version retailing for around $1,000. As this one has Adidas' blessing, it's allowed to use the three stripes marks on the side, and features further branding on the insole and box.

Is this pair actually coming to retail? That remains to be seen, and the one shown in these pictures was given as a promo item. But given how close the materials look to Hender Scheme's own pricey productions, the shoe could end up as one of the most expensive releases ever from Adidas should a public launch happen.

Hender Scheme Adidas Micropacer Insole
Image via @poggytheman on Instagram
Hender Scheme Adidas Micropacer Box
Image via @poggytheman on Instagram