So advanced is the counterfeit sneaker game in 2017 that there now exist fake sneaker tags that can be used to spoof authenticity. The above crop, made to look like those used by reselling platform StockX to confirm legitimacy of shoes sold on its site, was spotted on Rep Sneakers, a Reddit community dedicated to fakes.

The fake tags have already caught the attention of StockX founder Josh Luber, who says his company is working on a new tag that can't be knocked off so easily.

"We are working on a better solution, but that involves a lot more technology," Luber told Sole Collector. "It involves much more advanced product than what we use now, which is really just a plastic hangtag."

StockX recently switched from rectangular hangtags to circular ones, and plans to continue to iterate the tags until it reaches a tech-informed solution.

Regardless of tags, Luber says that StockX can only vouch for the authenticity of sneakers sold on its site, not all of those with its tag attached. After all, one could remove a tag from a real pair purchased through the site and attach it to a fake one in a convincing enough manner to fool buyers.

It's unclear if anyone has unknowingly purchased fake sneakers because of these tags yet, but prospective shoppers would do well to remember that this trinket alone should never be considered confirmation of a shoe's authenticity.