They've been positioned as rivals on and off the court. Last season, De'Aaron Fox and Lonzo Ball squared off twice, the second matchup taking place during the NCAA Tournament. Recently, Fox's father took a shot at Lonzo's father LaVar, pointing out he believes his son was the better point guard in both games. Beyond competition, the matter doesn't appear to be personal between the projected Top 5 picks, but Fox did get in a quick dig while taking part in a Draft Suite interview with Brian Scalabrine and Foot Locker.

While discussing favorite basketball sneakers, Scalabrine and Fox agreed that Nike Kobes top their respective lists. Scalabrine drove the point home by questioning why competitors don't just remake the shoe, concluding with "Oh wait, someone's trying that."

That someone is Lonzo Ball, who by his own admission used elements of some of his favorite sneakers to create his $495 signature model the Big Baller Brand ZO2. When the shoe was unveiled online back in May, the internet immdiately picked it apart, often pointing out the similarities it shares with Bryant's low-tops.

"Someone is," said Fox in agreement to Scalabrine's joke. "So we're on the same page."

While the suggestion was made playfully, there's another interesting factor to consider here—Nike has officially signed Fox to an endorsement deal after turning down a co-branding opportunity with Ball.

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