Free Throw Line Dunk. Dream Team. 72-10. Space Jam. The Flu Game. The Last Shot. Those are just some of the moments from Michael Jordan's career that instantly evoke an Air Jordan connection. However, since Jordan left the game for good in 2003 and put the reputation of his brand in the hands of its roster of athletes, those iconic Air Jordan moments have been few and far between. That's not necessarily a knock on the athletes—most are asked to wear team models, others get their own signature line and, most importantly, none of them are quite MJ. A man that redefined the way his sport was played, Jordan seemingly made a highlight play or hit some kind of milestone every time he took the court, setting a bar that elite players in all sports continue to chase today.

There have been some memorable Air Jordan moments since he called an to the D.C. chapter of his career, though. Clutch shots, broken records, poster dunk and, of course, championships. Read on for a refresher on the moments that define the post-Jordan era of the iconic line (so far).