Adidas unveiled a new manufacturing process on Thursday, showing off its ForgeFiber tech with the video and images here. The first sneaker to take advantage of this new material approach is the Alpha Bounce seen below, which launches on June 6 for $140 here.

Adidas says ForgeFiber provides 30 percent more resistance on sneaker uppers while using less thread. The brand describes ForgeFiber as a stitching technology that uses TPU-coated yarn.

The touted performance benefits of ForgeFiber are more targeted areas of stretch and lockdown.

"The super flexible and strong ForgeFiber upper for a runner will provide enhanced lockdown and stability in the midsole for a smooth gait cycle," said Jason McGinnity, a designer on the Adidas Future team, via press release. "For basketball we want to be much more prescriptive in certain areas of the shoe, like on the lateral for heavy cutting."

Adidas is keeping ForgeFiber product limited for now, but says more sneakers using the tech will be available soon.

Adidas Forge Fiber Alpha Bounce
Image via Adidas
Forgefiber Adidas
Image via Adidas
Adidas Forge Fiber
Image via Adidas