Sacramento Kings forward Rudy Gay might be a Nike athlete, but beyond that he's also a real sneakerhead. With an extensive collection of his own there isn't much that he doesn't have, but when he came across an unfamiliar pair of white and gold Air Jordan 11s on the court he tried to get them. The player exclusive sneakers were worn by Ray Allen—a player with easily the best PE collection.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated highlighting Gay's sneaker collection, he recalled first seeing the sneakers in a game against the Boston Celtics.

When asked if there was ever a sneaker that really made him stop and look he said, "We played against them around Christmas and he had the white and gold Air Jordan 11s on and I remember we went to the same college, so I already thought in my mind he was going to give me those shoes right after the game and he was like, 'Nah, these are the only pair I got.' It was one of those situations, because he wears a 13 and I wear a 14, that I would have had to take the sole out."

If there's one athlete that's known an amazing collection of player exclusive sneakers, it's Ray Allen—and apparently he doesn't come off of them too easily. Even though he didn't get the sneakers, Rudy Gay still has a pretty impressive collection. Check out the full interview here.