Remember Nike's 2015 patent around creating custom shoes using virtual reality? A new video from the sportswear giant and computer company Dell shows what that sort of future might look like.

The video is based around Dell's Canvas tablet computer and shows how the device could interact with voice control, haptic technology, and headsets to allow creators to sketch and test shoes in real time. Sport Techie reports that Nike is already using some of this technology, although probably not to the extent seen in the video above.

"They’re using this incredible haptic technology, which allows them to create a holographic image of what they’re designing and feel the texture of the fabrics as they’re designing," said Dell EVP and CMO Jeremy Burton, speaking at the company's EMC World conference on Tuesday.

In addition to pushing forward its approach to design, Nike's also looking to create a "manufacturing revolution" and change the way it's able to bring products to market.