Nike's already checked the most important Air Max 97 boxes for the current retro campaign around the shoe by bringing back the gold and silver pairs, but it looks like the brand has more in the works for longtime lovers of the shoe. Per Japanese sneaker blog US11, it appears that the original "Neon" Nike Air Max 97 is also coming back.

US11 tweeted two close catalog crops over the weekend showing what looks to be a 2017 version of the sneaker, this time featuring the original silver lettering on the heel pulltab vs. the neon font seen on the 2005 pair. Note that the image above is of an older version and not the coming 2017 release.

The Nike Air Max 97 in black and neon is an original colorway that came back in 2005 as an Asia-only retro. There is no sneaker release date for this year's pair.