Balenciaga's release of a $2,145 bag that was compared to Ikea's 99-cent FRAKTA tote began an internet trend of artists photoshopping random products in the furniture shop's trademark colors. This extended to sneakers when Instagram user @brucehatoo shared his IKEA-themed Yeezy mock-up earlier this week.

Not one to sit by idly when there's an interesting sneaker concept in need of execution, Dan "Mache" Gamache went to work on his recently purchased "Cream" Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2. Not only did he produce a well-done IKEA custom, but he stopped by his local spot for a quick video. Though Mache did the project for fun, it does bring attention to the fact that Yeezy releases have generally been boring, and taking a few more risks could bring even more energy to the line.

Ikea Yeezys
Image via Mache275