The Adidas Boost ball is a highly coveted promo item, the sort that is all the more lusted after simply because those who want it can't simply buy one. Adidas doesn't have them available for sale, and usually the best bet for acquiring one is knowing someone at the brand.

Counterfeiters have taken notice and started to create fakes of the balls, as seen in the Instagram video above comparing a knockoff and the real deal. The fake one features a misspelling on the address, text facing the wrong direction, and what looks to be an excess of nibs on the foam surface.

The Adidas Boost ball is pretty much exactly what it sounds like—a bouncy sphere crafted from Adidas' most popular sneaker cushioning technology at the moment.

Anyone who desperately feels like they need this Adidas artifact can find them on eBay, although Sole Collector does not co-sign spending upwards of $80 on one.