Chris Rock's status in the sneaker world cannot be questioned—he was wearing Jordans before a good portion of our readership was even born and he lent his voice to Nike's classic "Lil Penny" ad. While he definitely got a check for his voiceover work, it sounds like there weren't many product perks.

"I don't think I ever got free shoes either," Rock recalls in the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping from Complex, "they're very stingy on the free shoes."

The commercial was tied to Penny Hardaway's signature line, a pillar of Nike's 1990s basketball sneaker offerings.

Rock says that the campaign started out as just one spot before growing into a pop culture phenomenon. Nike's since named sneakers after the Lil Penny character that the comedian voiced.

Watch the full episode of Chris Rock in Sneaker Shopping above to hear him talk Yeezys, Nike, and more.