While there's been much talk lately of brands challenging Nike's number-one spot in the global sportswear market, there's still one category in which the brand is looking very dominant: basketball signature sneakers. In a new report at Forbes that's based on numbers from NPD Group analyst Matt Powell, a breakdown of active NBA athletes with the best-selling signature shoes has three Nike-signed players in the top five. The "active" distinction here is an important one in that it points to the exclusion of Michael Jordan, the retired legend whose sneaker sales still trump those of all the players listed.

Rankings for the top-sellers, listed below, were arrived at using sales data from the 12-month period ending in March, 2017. The data doesn't reference specific signature models, presumably meaning shoe sales for players who had multiple silhouettes release during that span are conflated here.

Scroll below to see who topped the list and read the full report at Forbes.