Last month, the famously outspoken LaVar Ball made headlines when he set the price for signing his sons to a package sneaker deal at $1 billion. To make things easier, he's even willing to let companies break down the massive sum into measly $100 million dollar installments over 10 years. While that lofty number isn't realistic, Nike is confirming interest in signing Lonzo to an endorsement deal this summer, and it's coming directly from the top of the chain.

Speaking to USA Today about the billion dollar price tag, Nike co-founder Phil Knight actually showed some support for LaVar's ambitious figure. “If he can get it, get it,’’ he said.

Nike won't be the company to offer that kind of cash, but they will be taking a look at adding Ball before next season.

"It’s a little steep,’’ said Knight, and of Lonzo Ball he added, “He’s an awfully great player. Yeah, we have an interest."

Ball has been outfitted in Adidas since his time at Chino Hills High School, so Nike will likely have to win a bidding war to acquire his services.