Just how many Nike sneakers was Deion "Prime Time" Sanders selling during the heyday of his Diamond Turf line? According to Sanders, a ton. In fact, in the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping from Complex, the Hall of Famer says that his sales beat out those of another juggernaut line of the 1990s.

"We outsold everybody," Sanders claims, "because [Air] Jordan at that time was just a limited number that they put out, and we blew it out the door."

His relationship with the brand has soured since—Sanders has been an Under Armour athlete for almost 15 years now and he says in the video that he'll never work with Nike again.

Sanders was very nearly wooed away by another brand, with British Knights offering him more money than Nike early on in his career.

Hear Sanders talk shoes in the above episode of Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma.