The biggest event in all of college athletics, the NCAA Tournament, tips off this week. Fans around the country will be glued to their TVs, gripping printed brackets as the early rounds unfold. The proceedings represent the largest economic gain in sports each year.

How big is March Madness, you wonder? Some context: In 2016, the NCAA topped $1 billion in revenue from ads, media rights, corporate sponsorships, and ticket sales. Yes, it's that big. And that doesn't account for the $10.4 billion that's expected to change hands by those gambling on the tournament. 

The players themselves won't see a cent of this revenue, of course. And while we’re not here to enter the amateur/professional debate, we’re sure a select few of these players will eventually do pretty well for themselves by making it to the league. A much smaller group may even go on to have their own signature sneaker some day. We're taking a look at some of these select few who did make it all the way to having their own shoes, and seeing if you remember what they wore before entering the NBA. Test your knowledge below.