Air Jordans, specifically the Air Jordan 1, has always been a sneakers that skateboarders have gravitated towards. Despite Air Jordans being the inspiration behind several skate shoes like the Nike SB "J-Rod" 9 Elite and Supreme Dunk Lows, skating in actual Js is still sacrilege to some. Well, former pro skater Spencer Fujimoto went digging in storage for his old Air Jordans and did just that.

In a new 30-minute short film entitled "The Search," Fujimoto pays homage to the 1987 Powell-Peralta classic "The Search For Animal Chin." In the movie, Animal Chin is metaphorical for fun, and for 40-year-old Fujimoto, fun is skating in old Air Jordan most collectors would love to own and keep in pristine condition. Some of the many sneakers he wore in the short film included the "Banned" Air Jordan 1, "Black Cement" Air Jordan 3 and "Grape" 5.

In an interview with The Hundreds, Fujimoto talked about his sneaker collection and skating in Air Jordans. "I could have sold them. But to me it meant more to use them. The collection doesn’t define me," he said. "No one sees it. You can only wear one pair at a time. Having that lifetime supply and never wearing them because I wear the same two pairs of shoes for a year didn’t mean much. I wanted to get my money’s worth. Most Jordans are really good to skate in."

Check out the full interview here and watch "The Search" below. 

Spencer Fujimoto Air Jordan 1
Image via The Hundreds
Spencer Fujimoto skates in vintage Air Jordans
Image via The Hundreds