Who better to judge the merits of Air Force 1s than a native of Harlem, where the sneaker earned much of its cultural cache? In the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping from Complex, Dipset's own Juelz Santana discusses his affinity for the shoes and makes a ruling on the Nike Air Force 1 Mid.

"These right here," Santana says, grabbing a pair of Mids, "was kinda like a no-go."

He goes on to say that the Nike Air Force 1 Mid was more of a girls' shoe in his era, and that guys could maybe get away with wearing it in the summer. The rapper advises wearing Air Force 1 Highs instead—straps hanging, of course.

Other gems from Santana include rules on proper Timberland etiquette and an offhand reference to the time he sued Nike for using one of his songs in a commercial.