The sky is blue. Water is wet. Adidas is suing somebody over stripes.

Forbes reports that the company is now going after Puma, citing its use of a four-stripe marking on the new evoPOWER Vigor 1 Camo soccer cleat. According to Soccer Bible, the camo print is inspired by groundsman turf patterns on pitches. According to the complaint filed in the U.S. District Court District of Oregon, Adidas believes consumers are likely to be confused as to whether Adidas is involved with products bearing the four stripes.

"Puma's use of four diagonal stripes on the side of the Infringing Cleat is a blatant attempt by Puma to trade on the goodwill and commercial magnetism Adidas has built up in the Three-Stripe Mark and to free-ride on Adidas' fame as a preeminent soccer brand," stated Adidas in a statement.

With the complaint, Adidas is hoping to prevent Puma from selling products with the four-stripe design, receive financial compensation for damages, require Puma to disgorge profits from sales of the cleats and leave them on the hook for punitive damages, attorneys' fees and costs. Last year, Adidas attempted to halt sales of Puma products equipped with NRGY soles, alleging that the cushioning infringed upon its Boost technology. German courts ruled against the injunction.