As Villanova Basketball defends its National Championship, the school's Director of Equipment is sharing stories behind the team's exclusive Nike sneakers.

Coiski's George Kiel III recently toured Nova's facilities with Lionel Brodie, known as one of the best equipment guys in the country. Brodie lives up to his reputation during this walkthrough, giving insight into how Nike-sponsored schools get exclusive sneakers from the brand and how winning sweetens the deal a bit. For example, Nike teams ranked in the Top 25 when the season reaches conference play will likely receive new models or re-worked versions of previous shoes that other schools don't get.

Brodie also detailed how the players are directly involved in choosing which sneakers they wear on the court.

"We'll take three or four shoes, I'll design them up," said Brodie. "I'll present them to the players and let them pick which shoe they want to get. So, everybody doesn't have to get the same shoe."

See more Nova exclusives and find out more about how one of the nation's top programs keeps its players laced up in the video above.

Villanova Nike LeBron 13
Image via Coiski