When potential customers eye the newest model of Kyrie Irving's signature line, they'll have to take into consideration something that wasn’t the case when the previous models dropped: a ring.

Irving’s profile has grown considerably in the last year-and-a-half. In that time he’s gone from an injury-marred NBA Finals loss and All-Star snub, to becoming NBA Champion and All-Star starter. And with that higher profile, and two popular signature models already under his belt, there’s now certain set of expectations for his line that haven’t previously existed.

Expectations can be a tricky thing. When Irving’s first shoe dropped, it was the most affordable signature model in Nike Basketball’s lineup and didn’t feature anything particularly breathtaking in terms of technology or design. Yet that no-frills approach resulted in one of the best playing sneakers of the year, period. But now, three shoes in, with a championship ring just added to his resume, Irving’s line has to live up to the great things we think it should have.

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