Whenever Kanye West dons a pair of mysterious sneakers, his footwear is worth a second look. On Thursday, paparazzi spotted West in the above pair.

The most interesting aspect of the sneakers is that, at least from the far vantage point offered by these photos, there's not much evidence that they're Adidas. The wavy lines recall the Adidas Temper Run and there's a piece on the top half of the upper that almost looks like stripe branding, but those are the only suggestions that this may be a shoe from West's Adidas line. What's more, you can't see any Boost on the sole, and that technology has been used on all of his Adidas designs so far.

That being said, it's possible this sneaker is an upcoming design from West's own Yeezy line and has nothing to do with Adidas. It's also possible this isn't a West design at all—although he's not been spotted in footwear that isn't his own too often since the retail debut of Yeezy footwear. 

West recently recruited some serious talent for his Yeezy team, adding veteran sneaker designer Steven Smith to its ranks.