Is there a more surreal place than DJ Khaled's sneaker closet? Complex is back checking out the Snapchat mogul's impressive collection in the above video, a precursor to a new wave of Sneaker Closets episodes. In the clip, Khaled is characteristically hilarious.

"This is like, boss shit," he says while waving around a toy dog made of MCM textiles. "This is like when you in your office and this is in the corner, it's a vibe."

Thankfully, he spends time giving shoes new nicknames, calling the "Legend of the Summer" Jordan 3s the "You Wish You Had These" and the Nike Mags the "In the Futures."

Khaled also gives props to Future in the video, mentioning his affect on Gucci flip-flop sales.

Watch this episode to go inside DJ Khaled's sneaker closet and stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes looks at the collections of the stars.