In anticipation of an upcoming co-branded Timberland boot, Champs Sports and DJ Khaled have teamed up to launch Secure the Bag, a mobile-minded video game.

The retro-style game features Khaled on a time-traveling jet ski, venturing into different time periods, collecting boots and fighting his way through obstacles in an attempt to secure the bag. The launch coincides with the upcoming release of Khaled's own "Secure the Bag" Timberland boot, which will be available exclusively at Champs.

"Our expectation is that ‪DJ Khaled's fans will be playing the game, sharing scores, and challenging their friends," Patrick Walsh, Champs Vice President of Marketing told AdWeek. "The game will drive awareness of and excitement for the upcoming [Timberland product]."

Play Khaled's game now at

DJ Khaled Champs Video Game
Image via Champs Sports