Regardless of the skill level, athletes are bound have slip-ups on the court every now and then, but for Drury University freshman guard Lexie Vaught, her slip-up was literal. In a game against Rockhurst University, Vaught lost her sneaker and instead of stopping to get it, she decided to continue the play. After getting viciously crossed with one sneaker on, she slipped and fell face first on the hardwood — twice.

Once she was finally up on her feet and wide open in the back court, her team naturally passed her the ball, but yet again, she slipped and fell for a third time. Luckily, her team was still able to score on possession.  

Despite being at a clear disadvantage with one sneaker on a freshly waxed floor, you've got to respect her will to stay in the game. Still, staying down or even crawling to her lost sneaker would've been a better idea. 

Even after being coming an Internet meme, Vaught kept a good sense of humor by joining in on the laughs on her Twitter.

For those wondering, the sneakers Vaught tried to wear are Adidas Light 'Em Up 2s and can be purchased here. Buyers beware: you'll definitely need to keep both sneakers on to get any type of buckets.