Adidas Basketball will get started on Black History Month early by debuting its 2017 BHM footwear this weekend. The Harden 1 ($140), Dame 3 ($115), and D Rose 7 ($140) styles pictured, which will be worn by their respective signature athletes, are all part of the collection.

The styles honor African-American sports great Arthur Ashe, who appears on the hangtags. The sneakers also have "scholastic legacy webbing" that references the many honorary degrees Ashe received from colleges. Other details include an "AA" graphic standing for AIDS awareness, anti-apartheid, and, of course, Arthur Ashe.

These three sneakers from Adidas' Arthur Ashe collection release on Jan. 23.

Adidas Dame 3 BHM Arthur Ashe
Image via Adidas
Adidas D Rose 7 BHM Arthur Ashe
Image via Adidas