Unboxing a new pair of sneakers is always a good feeling, but getting them as unexpected gift makes it even better. That's exactly what teacher Taylor Kerby experienced when his class at Edgewood High School in Covina, California surprised him with a new pair of Vans Authentics for Christmas.

The students pooled their money together to buy their teacher the sneakers after he complimented a student's red Vans in class on day. When Kerby opened the boxed to find a pair of red Vans, he was blown away. He put them on right away and said, "I'm the coolest kid on the block right now!"

These students may have learned a thing or two from the kid who gave his teacher "Taxi" 12s and then received sneakers of his own from Jordan Brand. Blessing you teacher with free sneakers definitely can't hurt your grades either.

Kerby later took to Facebook to elaborate on the video that gained over 50,000 retweets on Twitter and to thank his students: