In addition to bringing in that traitor who used to work for Verizon, Sprint is staying creative with employee incentives to put numbers on the boards.

For the second-straight year, CEO Marcelo Claure is gifting free Adidas Yeezy Boosts to the best performers on his sales team. However, this time, he's conducting the giveaway on a much larger scale.

“We will identify an elite group of top-performing sales reps during the month of December," said Claure. "The ones who deliver the greatest number of gross activations will win a pair of Yeezys! The partners eligible for this will include Sprint sales reps in our company-owned and RadioShack “STAR” stores, small and medium business reps, enterprise reps, BISO reps and telesales teps. I am also including reps who sell for our postpaid dealers in their stores. We will get more details out to everybody soon, but all of our reps can start ramping up their effort right away."

While "Pirate Black" Yeezy 350 Boosts are pictured, Claure sent both the 350 and 750 to employees last year. The contest runs throughout the month of December, so now may be the time to head to Sprint if you're hoping to cut a deal or get sweet talked into changing providers.