We’ve heard from our readers, as well as various industry insiders, on their top sneakers of 2016, but we were also interested in which sneakers resonated with the more casual fan. To find out, we had freelance writer Justin Caffier, who’s covered topics like pop-culture, entertainment, and politics for Complex and other publications, comb through our site and come up with his own list of the best sneakers of the year. Read his rankings below.

I like sneakers. I like dressing well. I like dressing well with sneakers as part of my ensemble. Unfortunately, I chose to essentially shelve my college degree and make a career out of writing—this has left me perpetually poor and unable to fully embrace my inner sneakerhead and clothes horse. So I avoid diving too deep into those worlds, tracking the latest releases and such, lest the pangs of retail desire get the best of me and force me to spend money I don’t have.

That being said, I’ve spent years honing my finessing skills and I have a fair amount of sneakers, probably more than the average guy. I even get the a fair amount of compliments on some of them from people who seem like they’re in the know. They ask if “those are the Superboi 12s” or whatever and I have to sheepishly shrug an “I'unno.”

These interactions lead me to believe my instincts are at least somewhat decent. So let’s test that theory by having me pick my top ten pairs of 2016 from a pool that the Sole Collector team has compiled.