Before Allen Iverson became an All-American at Georgetown and a Pro Basketball Hall of Famer, he was an AP Player of the Year at Virginia's Bethel High School. Occasionally, Reebok has commemorated Iverson's high school years with Bruins-themed colorways of his signature sneakers, most recently lacing up the current hoops team in a Player Exclusive version of the Question. Now, Iverson super fan K3vinq is showing off two more unreleased pairs made for Bethel.

Pictured here in detail are two Reebok Question Prototypes styled in "Home" and "Away" Bruins colorways. Released for the first time earlier this year, the Question Prototype is an alternate version of the model that was cut before the eventual design made its way to retail. The Prototype is highlighted by perforated panels, repositioned branding, a scrapped tongue design and heel pull-tab. Additionally, these Bethel exclusives feature the letter "B" on the heel.

If these are anything like the Bethel Question, also pictured below, they'll be limited to Bethel basketball players and your best shot at grabbing a pair will be eBay.

Reebok Question Prototype Bethel Home (1)

Reebok Question Prototype Bethel Home (2)

Reebok Question Prototype Bethel On-Foot

Reebok Question Prototype Bethel (3)

Reebok Question Prototype Bethel (2)