It looks like custom cleats have once again drawn the ire of the NFL. According to Odell Beckham Jr., he was fined $18,000 for wearing the above cleats, a wild pair dedicated to late sportscasting legend Craig Sager.

"I got fined 18k for Craig Sager cleats that were auction off the cleats to the highest bidder and donating the proceeds to his cancer research," Beckham wrote in the comment section of an Instagram post from DeSean Jackson complaining about cleat fines. "18k like it's nothing to them, no warning to take them off or anything noTHING!"


Got fined for Wearing these Monday night ' special edition #DJX clearly they Team colors smh '

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Beckham Jr. wore the Sager cleats during the Giants' home victory against the Lions on Sunday.

Players across the league have been increasingly vocal about their issues with the NFL's strict policy on custom cleats. The league let players go wild with such designs a few weeks back during its #MyCleatsMyCause campaign, which allowed designs tied to charitable causes.