Over the years, the labor conditions of its numerous factories has drawn Nike a large amount of criticism. The latest instance comes from Georgetown University, where students are staging protests in hopes that the school with cut ties with the company.

The Washington Post reports that 17 Georgetown undergraduates, identified as the Georgetown Solidarity Committee, took part in a two-day sit-in at president John DeGioia’s office Thursday morning. The group wants the school to terminate its licensing agreement with Nike, citing unfair labor practices in the company's Vietnam factories. The protest was largely based on a recent Worker Rights Consortium report alleging poor treatment of workers, unsafe factory conditions and firing of employees who become pregnant. Separate from its sponsorship deal, Georgetown's licensing agreement with Nike expires on Dec. 31.

According to the Post, the students vowed to stay until they were given a written commitment that the school's next contract with Nike will require the company to allow independent access to monitor factory conditions overseas. Protestor Daniel Zager says the stipulation was agreed to and school officials will also meet with the students next week to discuss matters further.