While Adidas has shifted away from the Yeezy 750 to focus more on the various versions of the 350, the cleat take on the former resurfaced in the NFL this weekend. A brand new black pair was spotted on the feet of Von Miller during his warm ups and Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott wore the original off white pair during a Monday Night Football victory.

Prescott's wear is notable as it's the first time the Yeezy 750 Cleat has appeared in an NFL game rather than during pre-game activities.

While Adidas released the Yeezy 350 Cleat at retail in 2016, the 750 Cleat is a player exclusive model for now.

Dak Prescott Yeezys
Image via Kevin Jairaj for USA Today Sports
Dak Prescott Addias Yeezy Cleats
Image via Tim Heitman for USA Today Sports