As promised, the Nike Hyperadapt is getting a wider release this month following the shoe's New York debut weeks ago. On Monday afternoon Nike made the sneakers available online here, although not everyone will be able to buy a pair.

Readers wanting to buy a pair will need to have a Nike+ account to gain access to the Hyperadapt release. As has been the case with previous releases of this sort, not everyone with a Nike+ account is getting an opportunity to buy the shoes and there's no explanation as to how Nike is determining who gets access.

The Hyperadapt is one of the most expensive Nike shoes ever, with a retail price of $720. Surprisingly, the shoes have sold for well over that on the resell market since their release—Stadium Goods has pairs listed as high as $7,500.

UPDATE 2/16: It looks like the Hyperadapt is available again online via Nike, with pages for the shoes allowing random users to unlock them. Note that access isn't available to all and users can check for access by logging out and logging into their Nike+ account. The black pair is available here and the grey is available here.