No, this isn't a shiny Air Jordan 11 in metallic colors to go along with the likes of the Pinnacle Air Jordan 6. This sneaker is actually made of metal and is a creation of artist Matt Senna, who's made a name for himself casting footwear for heavy metal sculptures.

Senna started this practice on an Air Jordan 13, not wanting to sacrifice a prized pair without knowing what he was doing first.

"I first made an experimental pair with the 13, because I didn’t want to ruin my favorite shoe when I was messing around," Senna told Jordan Brand. "And then I went to do my favorite. So I did the 11 second."

Read more about Senna's work and his connection with this sneaker via the Jordan blog here.

Bronze Air Jordan 11 Toe
Image via Jordan Brand
Bronze Air Jordan 11 Laces
Image via Jordan Brand