There's no questions that there's a huge demand for Air Jordans, but the reality is not everyone can afford them. That was the case for 10-year-old Jonas Nielson when he asked his mother to buy him a pair of Air Jordan 1s at ViaPort Mall in Leesburg, Florida, but thanks to one Foot Locker employee, Nielson ultimately got the sneakers he wanted.

Act of giving happened when a Foot Locker employee overheard the boy's mother tell him that she couldn't afford them, even after he tried them on. As a former foster child, the employee knew what it was like to not have Air Jordans while growing up, so she offered to buy the $95 sneakers. 

According to Fox 35, Nielson loved the sneakers so much, he wouldn't wear them to school for fear they would get dirty at gym. "I really don't want to get them dirty," he said. "I use Kleenex wipes on them."

Watch heart-warming video below.