A Reddit user claims that Adidas screwed up their Christmas present by sending them the wrong pair of shoes and then failing to make the situation right. In a post at r/Sneakers, user RoseyCarolyn wrote the following:

Ordered my son a pair of NMD_R1 Primeknits for Christmas. Box came & I wrapped it without looking inside. He opened his present yesterday and inside weren't the sneakers I ordered. Different style, different size.

Called ADIDAS this AM and they said they can only offer a refund of what I send back. WTF? What they sent me are cheaper and aren't what I ordered!!! Asked customer service to speak with a manager and was on hold 36 minutes before we got "disconnected."

I am beyond pissed right now. Shoes I ordered are no longer available and they is no recourse. ADIDAS fucked up and they offer no explanation or remuneration.

The most frustrating part alleged by RoseyCarolyn is that Adidas sent a pair of NMD sneakers cheaper than what the user ordered, and that the brand will only give a refund for the cheaper pair despite the shopper paying for a shoe that was $40 more expensive.

The post includes replies from RoseyCarolyn mentioning more time wasted with customer service and suspiciously disconnecting phone calls. For its part, Adidas apparently offered a 20 percent off coupon, saying that it couldn't simply re-order the sold out sneakers.

While these sort of mishaps are bound to happen every once in a while when ordering shoes online and Adidas deserves some credit here, it's unfortunate to see a Christmas present ruined like this if the situation went down how RoseyCarolyn says it did.

The Reddit user behind the post is hoping that people will retweet the below to help get Adidas' attention.