Having to get up and go to the store to shop is a mere option due to the power of the Internet and nearly every retailer having a website and mobile app. But for some people, an in-person shopping experience is more fulfilling and now, The Three Stripes is making that possible from home with Adidas 360º Shopping.

Using virtual reality, Adidas 360º Shopping allows you to walk through an Adidas store and see browse the racks. Just like in the physical store, you're greeted by a sales associate and told about the available products. Items for sale, from everything on the racks to the associate's outfit, are pinned. Clicking the pin allows you to shop for the item.

For now, the experience is only possible in Swedish as it takes place in the new Adidas Stockholm store, but its very likely there will be more virtual reality stores coming in the future. Check out the Adidas 360º Shopping experience here.

Adidas 360 Shopping
Image via Adidas