In an era where big time sneaker hunters regularly flaunt their extravagant collections on social media, it's easy to become jaded about seeing huge hoards of footwear on display. But even if that describes you, you'll still want to watch this video onĀ The Chicks With Kicks of Boca Raton, Florida, who have amassed around 6,000 pairs of sneakers.

In the video Ariana Peters, one of the three sisters that owns the shoes, explains that the trio inherited them from their father who began stockpiling pairs some 25 years ago.

"About five years ago he kind of handed it down to us," she says. "We took it over and we've been expanding and adding to the collection. And we really appreciate shoes as an art form."

Almost as impressive as the collection is their mode of display in the video, which shows pairs stacked around an indoor basketball court.

Watch the full video from Coiski Media on this formidable sneaker collection above.