The Adidas NMD is easily one of the most popular sneakers out right now. Take that silhouette, combine it with A Bathing Ape collaboration, and you've got a reseller's dream. This past weekend brought in the release of the Bape x Adidas NMD and while most people, in line or online, were served an "L," one reseller's dreams became a reality with he claims to be over 100 pairs.

Twitter user @mateolorente allegedly purchased large quantities of the Bape x Adidas NMDs and proceeded to flex with this tweet:

Lorente went on to say how he was able to get his hands on so many pairs. He claims that an Adidas store and Bape NYC sold almost all of their inventory to him.

This right here might be the reseller sneaker flip of the century. With pair selling on eBay for upwards of $1000, you do the math.